Thursday, March 4, 2010

Plant the Seed

I recently attended a gardening conference here in Utah. As I was waiting for the speaker to start I looked around the room and noticed that I was the youngest one in the room. No offence to those who are older. You are much wiser and are always young in heart. This was also the case when I attended the Master Gardening courses for Utah. It got me thinking about the young kids and adults who have not been taught the joys of gardening. If you were the one that was sent out to always weed the garden you might not have fond memories of gardening. Many of my friends and family members ask me questions on How,What, and When on gardening subjects. My goal with this blog is to share my knowledge that gardening is much more than weeding. Whatever your case may be, I want to help you see the different elements that the earth has given us. I want you to learn how to use those elements and create something beautiful from vegetables gardens, fruit orchards, container gardens, and floral arrangements from fresh cut flowers out of your own garden. Let's share and plant the seed of knowledge and experiences of gardening in our young children. Let's teach them the joys and benefits of gardening so they can do the same with their generations to come.


  1. Chandi! I love this blog. Great photos and great insight. If only I had a yard...

  2. So excited about this too Chandi! Bruce and I are so excited to get our garden and yard in shape this spring!