Monday, March 8, 2010

What is Core Aerating?

If you drive down any street you see signs on power poles that say Lawn Aeration. Or you may have seen shoes with spikes on the bottoms of them. You might also have a husband say while wearing his golf shoes and holding his golf club and wiffle balls on the lawn say "I need to do this it is helping our lawn". None of these work. You want a soil core to be removed from your lawn. I will tell you my thoughts on the benefits of aerating your lawn.
For an attractive healthy lawn this is a must. Aerating is the practice of making holes in the lawns surface. There are many advantages to having your lawn aerated.

The Advantages:
  1. Allows water movement into the soil.
  2. Allows air movement into soil.
  3. Helps decompose thatch layers in turf. (will talk more about thatch in the next posting)
  4. Encourages deeper movement of applied fertilizers.

The Disadvantages:

  1. If you have kids they will throw cores at one another.
  2. Looks like a dog had one two many accidents.

If you don't like the of your lawn after it has been aerated. Rake them up and mulch them or go over them with your lawn mower and break the cores up. If you decide to leave them on the grass they will just decompose. If you look at the list of advantages and disadvantages, I hope you decide to aerate your lawn. An aerated lawn will need less water and respond to fertilizers and soil warming faster than a poorly aerated lawn. Aeration is needed about once a year on the average home lawn with light traffic. Personally like to do it in the fall and early spring. If your lawn slopes and faces south or west It is smart to aerate. These slopes dry out quickly and have little chances to absorb water if water is applied at a rapid rate.

How to get this project done?

You can rent core aerators form rental companies. If you decide to rent one talk to your neighbors and and go in together to rent it. That will cut the cost of down on the rental also one good reason to meet your neighbors. Lawn care professionals also provide this service. Adair's Landscape can help you with your lawn care needs. Mention this blog and you can receive 5% discount on your lawn aerating. Call 801.253.1621 or email at to make your appointment. Make sure when you have it done by yourself or a lawn care company that you mark your sprinkler heads so you don't damage them while aerating. Also make sure your aerator is removing cores 3/4 inches in diameter to 23/4 inches deep from the thatch and soil layer. Don't make a casual pass with the equipment. Go over several times until you have holes 3-4 inches deep, spaced 4-5 inches apart. This will be the most effective way to help you achieve your barefoot lawn this summertime. I hope this post was helpful you get going on the basics for your lawn this season. Come back for some more tips on lawn care this month.


  1. Super cute blogs Chandi! So Kyle looked into aerating our lawn last year and I don't remember who it was, but someone told us you don't want to do it in the first couple of years after sod is laid. Our lawn was laid almost exactly two years ago now. Is that statement true and do you think we should do it this year?

  2. Chandi - LOVE the blog! These are things we all need to know. Thanks for helping us ;)